I can’t help but keep remembering the good times when you would come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist and kiss me I can’t help it that kissing you left me breathless and now I can’t seem to breathe right anymore all I’ve been doing is gasping for breath ever since you said you needed to be alone and I don’t know what to do anymore except hope that you realize being alone isn’t what you needed and what you needed was for me to love you unconditionally because we both know damn well that I did and I still do
my best friend says one day you’ll come back and i’m praying she’s right (via myth-called-love)

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I can still feel your red flannel shirt
As it bunched up
Between my fingers
As I held onto you
For dear life
I remember that night we took a walk
Through that open field
Filled with tall summer grass
And flowers that smelled
Of all the lost love of the world
As if all the lovers had…

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the first time giving a blow job like image

is this an actual thing


Daily dose of love quotes here



Daily dose of love quotes here


There’s a reason why men are called the opposite sex. Women think with their hearts, following an innate sense of judgement and intuition. Men employ logic and straightforward rationality to make decisions. Opposites attract and we were made to complement each other with our unique differences. It’s not easy, that’s for sure; you only need to look at a couple having an argument to see that. When guys approach an emotional issue, men maintain a level head and search for the root cause — and that is why men are not much help when you’re having a crisis. You’re looking for support and someone to agree with you wholeheartedly, while your boyfriend is immediately analysing and seeking a solution to your problem.
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Timmy turner




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